‘Destination Area’ to improve quality of life and delivery of care for people living with dementia


Orders of St John-CINThe Orders of St John Care Trust (OSJCT) is delighted to announce a new and exciting project at Coombe End Court, Marlborough, to improve the quality of life and delivery of care particularly for people living with dementia – as well as enhancing the staff and visitor experience at the home. 


OSJCT is investing £200,000 into developing a ‘Destination Area’ for the residents and their visitors.  These improvements will provide a café/bistro, a cinema, and an informal seating area, in addition to the existing hair salon and shop.  The shop will also be having a facelift to make it more accessible.  At the same time, the whole home will be having refurbishment work carried out.  The project is expected to be completed by the end of March 2016.


In tandem with the refurbishment of the physical environment, we will be providing additional training and support to all colleagues looking after people with dementia.  Our St John Admiral Nurse will be closely involved in this programme. 


Assistant Operations Director Robin Khokhar said: “We are all very excited about this project.  It is our intention to create a centre of excellence to showcase best practice in dementia care, providing both an environment appropriate for people with dementia and for the delivery of good dementia care.  We consider that this investment, and the work in progress will help Coombe End Court to accomplish those aims.”


“Furthermore, we hope to exceed expectations in a way that will foster stronger relationships with our residents, their families, our colleagues and partner organisations, as well as the local community.  We welcome the opportunity not only to help raise awareness, but also to give our residents more opportunities to get involved and meet their neighbours.”



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