Visually impaired veterans demonstrate age and sight loss provide no barriers to creativity


Scottish War Blinded member Harry HoggA public open day will be held in West Lothian to showcase the artistic talents of visually impaired veterans as part of a national programme celebrating creative ageing.

The open day, titled Creative Vision, will be held at the Scottish War Blinded Linburn Centre this Saturday 24 October 2015. The event will exhibit a wide range of portraits, landscapes, models and tactile art visually impaired members of the charity have produced. The art work has been inspired by their time in service, friends and family as well as the natural world.

Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the visual impairments members have overcome as well as the Artwork J-Luminate-John Watsonspecialist equipment used to produce the paintings including hand held magnifiers, lighting and computer programmes.

Scottish War Blinded member Derek O’Rourke will host art workshops as part the event. Visitors will learn basic art skills and complete challenges wearing special spectacles which simulate visual impairment.

Mr O’Rourke said:

“I am looking forward to sharing my artistic experiences with visitors and inviting them to put the simulation specs on. We have a wide range of themes to choose from and visitors can use anything from brushes, sponges to their fingers.


“I describe my approach as ‘painting through a keyhole’ as that’s exactly what I see when I am painting. Everyone’s approach is different and visitors are welcome to express themselves creatively but from a new perspective.”

Creative Vision is part of Age Scotland’s 2015 Luminate programme, Scotland’s Creative Aging Festival which celebrates creativity in later life through a series of workshops, performances and exhibitions organised across Scotland every October.

The Linburn Centre event is free to attend and will run from 10am-4pm.

Anne Gallagher, Luminate Director said:

“I’m delighted that Scottish War Blinded are part of Luminate 2015, celebrating the creativity of visually impaired veterans and the work of the Linburn Centre. As Scotland’s creative ageing festival, Luminate features events with and for older people across the country every October.  Creative Vision at the Linburn Centre is an important event in our 2015 calendar, proving once again that creativity has no age.”



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