Paisley primary pupils go ‘Old School’ for project


Bupa-care industry newsBright primary school pupils from Paisley have teamed up with residents at a local care home to share and learn together as part of their ‘Generations Working Together’ project.

The creative initiative sees Primary 7 pupils from St Peter’s primary school visit Bupa’s Braemount care home every Thursday to engage with the residents and exchange knowledge and experience.

The eight week programme aims to encourage young and old generations to come together, get to know more about each other and teach each other new things. So far, this has involved everything from residents trying their hand at the ‘Superman Dance’ – a popular hip hop dance step – to pupils learning the correct way to hang out their washing.

Joyce Thomson, Primary 7 teacher at St Peter’s, told of how the project has proved hugely beneficial for both pupils and residents alike.

She said: “The pupils were admittedly a little nervous at first, as they weren’t sure how easily they would get along with the residents, but they hit it off straight away and now really look forward to the weekly visits.

“They really appreciate getting to know what the residents did in their youth and are often surprised by how different things were from how they are today. The pupils also very much enjoy teaching the older group all about the latest trends and giving demonstrations. We’ve had lots of singing and dancing!

“I think what has been most beneficial for both groups, however, is realising how much they have in common. It’s always great to watch the children and residents getting along so well.”

Steven Drennan, Activity Coordinator at Bupa’s Braemount care home, said: “We try to encourage our residents to get out and about and involved in the local community as much as possible, and this project is perfect for this.

“Spending time with the pupils gives the residents such a boost as they love interacting with them and hearing about what life is like for kids growing up these days.

“And I think the project has also been a huge eye opener for the pupils too. They’ve all grown up technology literate and it’s part of their daily lives, so I think they find it quite surprising to hear from a generation that isn’t constantly online or using some sort of digital device.”

Grace Leitch, resident at Bupa’s Braemount care home, commented: “The school children have been absolutely wonderful and I always look forward to seeing them when they visit as we have such a good laugh together.”


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