Exhibition with a difference brings older people together

Kate & Marion with their willow sculpture
Kate & Marion with their willow sculpture

Over 70 customers from nearly 20 sheltered accommodation schemes, extra care schemes and who receive care in their own home celebrated creating their own art exhibition in Bath last week (12th, 13th and 14th October), including a private viewing with Deputy Mayor, Councillor Shaun McGall.


‘Creative Times’ was the culmination of a six-month collaboration between customers of Guinness Care and Support and local artists. The free exhibition at the Guildhall included photography, prints and mosaics, as well as storytelling, audio-visual installations, fine art and even willow sculpture.


Paul Watson, Managing Director of Guinness Care and Support, said: “We believe in helping our customers to live happy and fulfilled lives, and using creativity to strengthen our ties with the communities we work in. The project was a fantastic way to celebrate our customers’ talents and achievements, and to bring them closer together with a shared, enjoyable experience.”


Dep Mayor Shaun McGall and Catriona Simons
Dep Mayor Shaun McGall and Catriona Simons

One of the customers who had artwork on display was Marion Williams from Bath. Marion said: “It’s all about getting out, meeting people, and doing something new. As you get older, there’s a danger that you stop learning – people just seem to stop telling you stuff!


“This was a fantastic way to bring us together and help us learn new skills and crafts. It’s a huge help in combatting isolation, some people do have a tendency to shut themselves off but if you’re in a group like this, you become a little team: working together and helping each other to create something new, to learn something today that you didn’t know yesterday.”

Stu Packer, actor and story teller who contributed to the audio visual installation ‘Stories of Time’ said: “It was illuminating spending time actively listening to the stories of our elders, and then hear their words again in conjunction with amazing photography.”


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