Wild Wild West occasion held at Wigan community care village


Image oneIt was a Wild Wild West occasion at Belong Wigan, the community care village on Millers Lane, when staff, residents, family and friends rallied together for a ‘Cowboys and Indians’ style party.

Everyone was in high-spirits, dressing up in wide-brimmed hats and feather headdresses, dancing to a jukebox selection of old country and western tunes, and taking part in rounds of the old fairground game, ‘Tin Can Alley’. The village was decorated to match, with hay bales, ‘Wanted’ posters and gingham tablecloths, upon which an American-style dinner of burgers and chilli was served.

Guests at the party included Belong apartment tenants, Connie Richardson, and her brother, Doug, who commented: “Me and my sister had a brilliant time – we always do! All the staff here are great friends to us both, just as they were to my wife, Frieda. They go to great lengths to make sure we get included in everything, and their events and activities never fail to bring everyone together, socialising. It’s what gives the village such a lively and warm, welcoming atmosphere.”

The party was organised by village staff with the help of Belong Experience Coordinator, Marie Calderbank. Marie remarked: “Whenever we hold events like these, residents’ and staff family members also join in, which all helps toward making Belong the vibrant community that it is. We all had a great time, with lots of singing and dancing across all ages! After so much fun, we’re now wondering how we can cap it!”


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