Sunrise Senior Living introduces crockery that caters for residents living with arthritis and dementia


Alzheimer's Crockery 2Sunrise Senior Living UK is taking a subtle but significant step to improving the lives of its residents as it rolls out a new set of crockery.

The new wares have been carefully developed in line with the latest research to boost the ease of food and drink consumption for residents living with dementia and arthritis. Following a series of successful trials, they will now be used at all Sunrise communities nationwide.

Research over the past few years has shown that dementia sufferers, around 60% of whom suffer visual impairment, often lose the ability to distinguish between colours including food against a plate or cutlery on a table. This can have a profound impact on diet. In light of this, striking blues will be used on the new crockery to ‘frame’ food. Blue has the benefit of being a bold, primary colour, and one which does not clash with any foodstuffs.

The new plates are also deeper, meaning that food is easier to push onto forks, and this design, allied with the new colouring, has been shown to boost residents’ diets across the communities where it has been trialled.

The blue and white stripes have also produced reminiscence benefits for some residents, with several commenting that it reminds them of Cornishware, a crockery patterning popular in the 1920s which has become fashionable again in the UK.

In addition, those living with arthritis will also benefit from the new designs, with larger handles on cups and deeper saucers – which are also contrast-coloured in blue and white.

Sunrise UK’s Managing Director Amanda Scott, said:

“We have been looking at every element of the crockery that we use for several years, from colour to size and plate depths. As a result we are thrilled to be able to roll out these new designs, which will boost the independence of residents in Sunrise communities up and down the UK.”


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