Titanic achievement as replica model boats on display at Bournemouth care home

George Pottinger with model Titanic at Retired Nurses National Home
George Pottinger with model Titanic at Retired Nurses National Home

George Pottinger, 79, who lives in one of the independent flats at the Retired Nurses National Home in Bournemouth, has carefully crafted six intricate model boats including the famous Titanic.

The Titanic model is on display at the care home, run by national charity Friends of the Elderly, and took George around fifteen months to build. Like his five other boats, it is made from natural wood, and almost every part is hand-crafted – George soaks the wood before moulding it and then paints, stains and varnishes by hand.

George’s love of boats came from his father who was a Merchant Seaman for 28 years. It was after his partner died that George found great comfort and enjoyment from building his replica model boats.

When asked what his boats mean to him, George said: “I get a huge amount of pleasure from building and seeing these boats every day. It’s fantastic to be able to share them with other people and to explain to them about how I made them.”

Leanne Rickard, Manager of the Retired Nurses National Home, said: “All of our staff and residents are so impressed by George’s boats. Especially the Titanic model, which we have now had displayed in a glass cabinet for everyone to enjoy. ”

Members of the public are welcome to call in to the Retired Nurses National home to see George’s boats and are politely asked to phone ahead on 01202 396 418.



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