KC Healthcare eager to spread music therapy across UK care homes

Justin Devereux

KC Healthcare are pleased to announce Justin Devereux – Product Specialist who joins the expanding team.

Justin has been brought in to look after customers within the Midlands, North of England and Wales.

Justin brings years of experience in the care industry. He will be the main point of contact for existing and new customers to ensure a good working relationship.

He is keen to offer his full support with Beamz demonstrations, training and answering and questions that are posed about other products.

Justin shares KC Healthcare’s passion for music therapy and making sure that care home residents get the most out of each therapy session.  Whether in a group session or on a one to one basis KC Healthcare would like to ensure that everyone gets as much out of each session as possible.

Music therapy, which is catching on as both as an entertainment and as an activity in most care homes, helps to improve mental wellbeing and improve cognitive issues and is therefore an ideal activity for those with dementia, Autism and learning disabilities.


KC Healthcare’s product Beamz has been confirmed as a way of improving life for residents in care homes of any age.

Justin can be contacted on the details shown below.

Mobile: 07525 124311, Email: justin.devereux@kc-healthcare.co.uk Or visit  http://www.kc-healthcare.co.uk/


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