A care worker with a heart of gold made dreams come true for two brides on their wedding day.


Most daughters want their mum to be a part of one of the most special days of their life…… their wedding day.

Alex Atkinson and her sister, Tracy were no exception, for their mum to be at their wedding was something very close to both their hearts.

Alex and Tracy’s mum, Julie Watson, lives at Stocks Hall Nursing Home, Andrew Smith House, Nelson.  Julie was diagnosed with Dementia at quite an early age. The sisters thought their dream of having mum at their weddings was not going to be possible.

L to R ROB, ALEX, JULIE and DEBBIE @ TRACYS WEDDINGSenior Carer at Andrew Smith House, Keith Higham, recognised how important it was for the family to have their Mum at their weddings and set out to make their dreams come true.  Offering his emotional support, practical help, all in his own time, he took Julie to both daughters’ wedding days. Daughter Alex married Mark Atkinson at St. Peter’s Church, Burnley, and Tracy married Ian Selves at Oakwood Hall, Bingley.  The celebrations also meant Julie could be with the brides’ brother, Rob, and sister Debbie on the family’s special days.

Keith was true hero in supporting Julie at Alex and Tracy’s wedding days.  The family cannot praise Keith enough and will be forever grateful.  Said Alex “In the months leading up to the wedding my mum’s health deteriorated rapidly and where we had previously taken her out with us, she was unable to manage without becoming distressed.”

“I was really worried that she wouldn’t be able to come to the wedding but Keith offered to bring my mum to ensure she was looked after. He reassured me that she would be fine and assured me that they would make it happen as much for my Mum as for me. Keith did this in his own time and refused to accept anything for doing this. I can’t begin to tell you what it meant for me to have her there on the day. Keith ensured she was able to be there and be part of the day just as a mother should be, regardless of her condition.”

L to R  ALEX, JULIE and Keith - TRACYS WEDDINGBoth brides say having their mum there is something they will always treasure.  “We’re sure she had a lovely time,” said Alex.  “She won’t remember, but on the day she was beaming. Keith has helped us so much, we can’t praise him enough for ensuring my mum was with us to play a major role on one of the most important days in all our lives.”

“The care she receives at the home is excellent and has given such piece of mind for me and my family. The staff are really caring, supportive, knowledgeable, welcoming, patient and kind.  I would really like to thank all the staff including the Managers for all their hard work and dedication to their jobs.”


Carer, Keith has now been put forward for an award from The Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Group’s as an Unseen Hero.


Val Lawson Manager of the Home said “What Keith did was truly wonderful. At Stocks Hall we are very proud when our staff demonstrate such kindness towards people they care for and their families. We congratulate Alex and Tracey on their wedding days and share with them, our delight, in their Mum being able to attend. The Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Group certainly acknowledge Keith’s dedication and will reward such acts of compassion.”




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