Sunrise residents have it down to a fine art


Sunrise of Beaconsfield - Care Home Open Day Eastbourne General Manager David Stallard with Resident and Artist Kathl... Art of Sunrise - Beaconsfield Art Class 2As part of a campaign championing art for older people, a special collection of paintings, drawings and watercolours has been on display at every Sunrise Senior Living community across England and Wales.


The collection formed the centre piece of the Art of Sunrise campaign, which was officially launched at a gallery event in central London in June. It displayed powerful images created by residents across the provider’s 27 communities and included pieces produced by people living with dementia and other forms of memory loss. One resident, Herbert Walter Huggins, who contributed a piece, is 101 years old.


Every piece showed the power art has in inspiring and engaging people of all ages and abilities. Many of the residents at Sunrise’s communities only discovered their talent when they gave it a go during taster sessions that Sunrise provides – that’s how Edith, who is 92 discovered her passion.


Art is a big feature of life at Sunrise. Residents have the opportunity to explore their artistic talents during taster sessions and art classes held regularly at communities. These sessions are not only entertaining, but provide residents with new ways to express themselves. Art can also be much more than a creative pastime – it can play a crucial role for residents living with forms of memory loss, as it keeps their minds active and can act as a form of therapy.


Amanda Scott, Managing Director of Sunrise UK, said:


“The ‘Art of Sunrise’ campaign not only aims to highlight the beautiful art that residents have produced as a result of classes, but also to show how art can play a pivotal role in supporting those living with memory loss or complex needs.


“Art provides residents with a powerful way to express themselves, when other forms of communication can become more challenging.” 


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