Further progress on the road to Driving Up Quality in care


15-07-07 Self assessment 3 - people from Hampshire present their feedbackCMG, a leading provider of learning disability care, has hosted an event which brought together the people it supports, their families, staff and care commissioners to provide feedback on what the organisation does well, and what can be built upon.

It was the second time the provider has held a Driving Up Quality Self-Assessment day and ensures it continues to adhere to all aspects of the Driving Up Quality Code. The Code was launched by CMG, the government and other leading care providers in 2013 to ensure the atrocities of Winterbourne View are never repeated again. It outlines five standards that ensure high quality learning disability care provision.

Rather than simply filling out forms, CMG wanted attendees to give their views in an open and engaging manner, and held a series of creative workshops as a forum for this. The theme of the day was ‘road to quality’, so for each workshop the people CMG supports created artworks to display different modes of transport– like tractors, trains and boats. People then pinned their feedback on what the organisation does well and what could be improved upon to the displays.

The day culminated with a ‘road to quality’ being laid out through the centre of the room, with everyone posting a brick containing an idea.

CMG will now be incorporating all of the views provided into a comprehensive report and action plan on how the organisation continues to provide the highest standards of care.

Peter Kinsey, Chief Executive of CMG, said: “The people we support are always our absolute priority. It’s so important that everyone involved in the care they receive has a say on how we are going about it as an organisation. “The feedback we received was excellent. Everyone here said it was a very useful event and a creative way for people to put forward their thoughts.”

A care commissioner who attended the event said: “As a commissioner of services, I found it a very interesting event.  The service user involvement makes it apparent that CMG do not just pay lip service to the concept of service users having a say.  Collectively, there are a lot of challenges facing us, but I found CMG’s approach to be very re-assuring.”


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