Classic Cars and Retro Records at Kemsing Care Home

Residents Ione Cruickshank Marson and Diana Wightman
Residents Ione Cruickshank Marson and Diana Wightman

Residents of The Dynes in Kemsing were treated to a nostalgic afternoon of reminiscence when the residential home was transported back to the fifties.


On a gloriously warm and sunny July afternoon, with classical music filling the air and an Alvis TC 21 100 parked up outside, you would be forgiven for thinking you’d stepped back to the fifties but it’s 2015 and the residential home is enjoying a vintage afternoon event.


The residents were invited to sit in a classic 1954 Alvis, which had been completely restored, whilst retro classical music played on a vintage gramophone.


The residents had a wonderful afternoon learning about the history of the car and how it was restored. Whilst waiting for their turn in the driver’s seat they chose from the records on display what to listen to next, whilst chatting away about their memories of their younger days.


Nicky Pett, home manager of The Dynes said: “The vintage afternoon was a totally different event which the residents (and staff!) absolutely loved. We’re always looking for innovative activities for the residents to do, as we believe a varied and inspired activity calendar is essential.


“We’d like to thank our carer, Helen Kingham, who bought the car and record player in for the day.”


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