CQC gets behind national Care Home Open Day


NCHOD_OrangeOver 100 inspectors and other staff from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) are expected at care homes across the country on Friday 19 June in celebration of this year’s Care Home Open Day.

Care Home Open Day offers an ideal opportunity for people to learn more about their local care home and see examples of some of the great care, creative services and staff going the extra mile that the regulator is finding in around 60% of its new-style adult social care inspection reports published so far.

CQC’s Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care, Andrea Sutcliffe, said: “Care Home Open day is such a wonderful opportunity to recognise and value all of the good care and fabulous staff that we know exists day in, day out across so many of the services we see.

“When people hear or read about adult social care in the media, sadly it is usually about those cases where people have received poor care and a critical part of CQC’s role is focussed on tackling services to improve, and if they don’t, putting a stop to unacceptable care being delivered altogether.

“But we have over 17,000 care homes in England and so many are providing the sorts of high quality, safe and compassionate care that I’d be happy for my mum or anyone else’s loved one to experience.

“I am really pleased to have so many of my inspectors and other staff at CQC supporting Care Home Open Day as friendly faces for people to talk to about choosing care or perhaps learn more about the work we do in monitoring, inspecting and rating these really important services that are on the door-step of every community.

“I hope as many people as possible can take the time to visit their local care home and can leave being more confident that great care does exist.”

CQC inspectors gearing up for Care Home Open Day include:

Jemima Burnage, Head of Adult Social Care in the Central Region. She said: “I’m really looking forward to Care Home Open Day. Since starting my career in health and social care over 20 years ago, it’s still clear today that little is understood about the vital role care homes can play in supporting and enabling people to have a good and fulfilling life by those it doesn’t touch.

“These are people’s homes  – not just ‘that care home up the road’ – and by opening up their doors brings a real opportunity to help break down some of the barriers through people, families and communities coming together to connect, celebrate and help build on that sense of belonging in local areas that’s important to us all.”

Diane Wilkinson, Adult Social Care Inspector for the North Region, said: “Care Home Open Day is an ideal opportunity to just sit and chat with people and enjoy the day in the same way that they are. To see that natural, informal and wonderful relationship between people, their families, visitors and staff is seeing a care home at its best.”

Kam Satchell, Adult Social Care Inspector for the London Region, said: “Speaking to people is the best part of my job. It’s a sad fact care homes are sometimes not seen as positive places. But Care Home Open Day is a chance to show how vibrant they are and all of the hard work that goes on to enable people to live rewarding lives.”

Showing his support for Care Home Open Day, Rt Hon Alistair Burt MP, Care Minister said: “I’m delighted to support Care Home Open Day and looking forward to my visit to a care home. Care Home Open Day is an excellent opportunity to find out more about the services available near to you and to meet the hardworking staff who can help make those difficult decisions about care a little easier.

 “I encourage anyone who is thinking about care in the future – be it for your loved ones or for yourself – or anyone simply wanting a better understanding of how the care system works, to get involved and visit participating care homes.”

For more information, check out the official Care Home Open Day website to see which care homes are participating on the day.

A separate, regularly updated map, showing where CQC inspectors and staff will be taking part in Care Home Open Day on Friday 19 June is also available.

Show support for Care Home Open Day on Twitter by tweeting a picture holding up CQC’s social media sign @CareQualityComm using the hashtag #CHOD2015. Download CQC’s social media sign here.



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