Knitting ninjas set to weave Redcar a new seafront


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CARE home residents in Stockton-on-Tees are lending support to the Redcar Yarn Fairies – a secret society of knitting “ninjas”.



 The knitting club at Ingleby Care Home will supply the Yarn Fairies with pompoms, tassels and bunting ahead of their “yarn bombing” project in the seaside town.


Last year, the Yarn Fairies decorated Redcar in a variety of woollen wonders, including woven red cars, ice creams, mermaids and fish.


Christine Wilson, activities coordinator at Ingleby Care Home, said: “The Yarn Fairies have been asking for support from the local community this year, so Ingleby’s residents decided to answer the call and brandish their knitting needles.


“The Yarn Fairies are a secretive group – no one knows who they really are. Last year, the locals dubbed them ninja grannies because they covered the seaside street furniture in a colourful display of knitting over night and then vanished.”


Ingleby Care Home, on Lamb Lane in Ingleby Barwick, is now calling for donations of wool for the project.


Christine added: “We’re putting out an appeal to local residents to donate any spare wool to the Ingleby knitting club. We’d just ask that they drop it into the care home so the residents can get to work helping to make this year’s installation bigger and better.”


The Yarn Fairies have specified a range of homemade crafts to use in the display, to allow people of all skill levels to participate. The installation will then go live at the end of May, however the Yarn Fairies have not been forthcoming with an exact date.


In correspondence between the care home and the leader of the group, they said: “You will understand the nature of our work is clandestine and, therefore, I can’t reveal too many of our secrets. I’m unable to even sign off this email with my real name and must simply refer to myself as “chief fairy”.


“Although I can’t tell you what our overall theme is or what other plans we have for the seafront, I can tell you that we’re hoping to cover as much of it as we can in a “craftbomb”. We’d love it if people from all walks of life could help.”


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