Excelcare raise £15,000 for Ruby


Excelcare-care industry newsOsman Ertosun and the staff  team from Excelcare are delighted to have exceeded their fundraising target for brave toddler Ruby Young. Despite her illness Ruby has the most amazing energy and courage and yet she is not yet 3 years old.

After hearing about little Ruby and the expensive treatment that she needed to help beat an aggressive childhood cancer, it made Ozzie think how fortunate he was to have two children that lead happy, healthy, normal family lives and not be facing the  terrible stress Ruby’s  parents endure as they desperately seek help to give Ruby a chance of life- a chance of  having tomorrows. It was saddening to think that Ruby and many other children with her condition cannot get the treatment they need in this country through the NHS.

With this in mind, Ozzie with the help of his Assistant, Sam Manning set about fundraising with the staff  team at Excelcare, with Ozzie setting the pace of fund raising by pledging to double the amount raised for Ruby.

The efforts and pledge proved successful with a final fundraising total  achieved of  £15,000!!! Ozzie considers this fundraising mission to have been very special to him, as he wants to help Ruby receive the treatment she needs and provide hope to her family.

Ozzie, an Excelcare Director for a company providing care for the elderly, said the world we live in today should be able to provide the care and treatment for everyone, no matter what age you are.  Although we have raised a huge £15,000; our help to Ruby and her family does not stop there.

We are holding our annual Awards Celebration for the Excelcare staff team in July and all the staff attending have pledged to each contribute £5.00 to Ruby’s cause: the total will then be given to Ruby’s parents along with many other donations that the staff have been raising for Ruby and her family, such as high street vouchers and gift items for Ruby and her brother.

Ozzie gives thanks to everyone that has helped with the fundraising drive for Ruby and sends a personal good luck message to Ruby – such an inspirational little girl-and her family -in their dedicated mission to raise the money needed for Ruby to receive life giving treatment.


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