Alzheimer’s Society responds to the Queen’s Speech


Queens Speech-care industry newsIn today’s Queen’s Speech the government set out their intention to secure the future of the National Health Service by implementing the NHS’s own five year plan; increasing the health budget; integrating healthcare and social care; and ensuring the NHS works on a seven day basis. They also set out measures to improve access to general practitioners and to mental healthcare.

George McNamara, Head of Policy at Alzheimer’s Society, said:

“Integration of health and social care is vital to providing personalised care fit for an ageing population with increasingly complex needs. Yet strikingly absent from the speech is any reference to social care funding. If the government continues to treat social care as the poor cousin to the NHS, genuine integration can only remain an aspiration. It must be acknowledged that you cannot secure the future of the NHS without investment in social care.

“By the end of the next parliament nearly one million people will be living with dementia. Bold action is necessary to deliver a health and care system designed around people, not rigid, silo-based institutions.” 



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