Empowering positive risk-taking and improving outcomes for people in care


Log my Care, the platform for outstanding care management, has launched Outcomes and Goals, a new feature designed to transform person-centred care. This enables care managers to set goals, create action plans, add documents and track and evidence goals’ progress from one central place.  

Making it easier for care providers to coordinate their team’s efforts towards achieving specific goals for the people they support and empowering them to take positive risks and develop independence. By setting and working towards specific goals that matter most to them, those accessing care can develop a sense of purpose and fulfilment, enhancing their overall well-being.  

Log my Care’s mission is to make person-centred technology accessible to everybody in social care, transforming care for society’s most vulnerable people. This new feature means care providers can empower the people they support to achieve what matters most to them, promoting their independence and enhancing their quality of life.  

Sam Hussain, CEO & Founder at Log my Care says, “At Log my Care, we firmly believe that person-centred care is about putting the individual at the heart of everything we do. Our Outcomes and Goals feature is designed to empower service users by giving them control over their own care and enabling them to work towards their personal goals. By using technology to support person-centred care, we can improve the quality of care we provide, while reducing the administrative burden on care providers. We are proud to be at the forefront of this transformation and are committed to making person-centred technology accessible to everybody in social care.”

For more information on Log my Care’s Outcomes & Goals feature, please visit: https://www.logmycare.co.uk/ 

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