Dedicated Support and Resources for Registered Care Home Managers


Oliver French, Engagement Programme Head at Skills for Care, talks about the support offered to registered managers to develop their skills, knowledge and confidence to lead a well-led service.

Registered managers play a key role within social care organisations. However, the pandemic has brought new and unique challenges to the sector, so providing additional support for registered managers has been more important than ever, and something which we’ve strived to do at Skills for Care.


Skills for Care is the membership organisation for registered managers in England that supports the professional identity of registered managers. Our members are a rapidly growing community of dedicated managers, committed to delivering outstanding care.

We know that getting accurate and tailored information to managers is crucial and our members receive regular, practical and relevant information through resources, newsletters and other activities.

A recent survey of our registered manager members looked at the benefits of membership and 97% of respondents would recommend membership to others.

Local networks

Our networks cover every local authority area in England and help mangers stay connected with face-to-face and virtual meetings as well as WhatsApp groups.

The networks provide a place to connect with others in the same position and discuss challenges and successes. You can share learning, discover new ways to approach problems, gain inspiration for new ideas for your service, and find out about training opportunities.

We know that our local networks have been a vital source of support for managers during the pandemic. Finding other managers who you can talk to and realising that you’re not alone in the challenges you face and getting support from people who know exactly what you’re going through is so important.

Registered manager webinars

To support registered managers through the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been delivering regular registered manager webinars, covering topics including contingency planning, risk assessment, recruitment, wellbeing and more.

The webinars are delivered to a live audience, and last around 30 minutes. As well as joining the webinars live, managers can also view recorded webinars on our website alongside bite-size resources to support the webinars.

These have been really popular and well received by managers looking for help on different topics, which has been amazing.

Social care managers Facebook group

Our Facebook group is open to all registered managers and managers in similar roles and is another great place to connect and discuss ideas and issues.

The group has allowed people to find a support network where they can ask questions and ask for advice with like-minded individuals all facing the same issues and experiences.

The Skills for Care podcast series

Our ‘care exchange’ podcast series celebrates the role of managers in social care. It’s an opportunity to hear from other managers and provides a place where you can listen to other managers and pick up some good ideas to support you in your own role.

Find out more about the support available to registered managers at

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