HC-One residents enjoy the summer sunshine

Residents at HC-One care homes across the UK have been making the most of the glorious weather during the summer months by spending time in the gardens

Residents at HC-One care homes across the UK have been making the most of the glorious weather during the summer months by spending time in the gardens, having summer parties, barbecues and afternoon tea. 

At Brooklands care home in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, Residents and Colleagues created their own Hawaiian Day. The home put on their own entertainment and set the scene for Residents to feel like they had taken their very own trip to Hawaii. The sun was shining and the garden was decorated to perfection with numerous bright colourful tropical flowers, inflatables and paddling pools. Music was playing in the background, with Residents requesting their favourite songs to be played so they could sing along and dance to the music.  

Residents and Colleagues got in the spirit and dressed up in Hawaiian attire with grass skirts and floral garlands being worn. Residents were treated to a selection of ice lollies, choc ices and cold drinks to keep hydrated and refreshed whilst enjoying the warm weather.  

Home Manager at Brooklands Care Home, Catherine Brooks said: 

“It is so lovely to see such happy, smiling faces!” 

A spontaneous barbecue was hosted by Colleagues for Residents at Overdene House Care Home in Winsford, Cheshire whilst the weather was good. Everyone enjoyed sitting out in the sunshine and soaking in vitamin D whilst the barbecue got underway, with sizzling and scrumptious treats served for Residents to tuck into.  

Residents enjoyed socialising, chatting to each other and being in each other’s company. Residents enjoyed a selection of food on offer, served by Colleagues, Gary Peach and Hannah Dineley including burgers, hot dogs and vegetarian options, as well as a small tipple of choice to accompany the food.


Home Manager at Overdene House Care Home, Cath Burns commented: 

“I loved watching everyone chatting and smiling!” 

At Market Lavington Care Home in Devizes, Wiltshire, the home has been participating in a range of activities over the past month around the theme of holidays. As part of the activities, Residents have enjoyed creating holiday themed pictures including those of ice-creams and beaches whilst music was playing in the background including Cliff Richard’s classic song ‘Summer Holiday’ which Residents enjoyed singing along to. In addition, Residents also liked participating in the reminiscence activity sessions where stories about holidays Residents had been on as a child were shared with each other.  

A memory about the British Rail posters of the 1950s came up as a topic of conversation and Wellbeing Coordinator, Riaz Ali, printed off copies of the posters which helped trigger some lovely memories for Residents and also helped with inspiring some of their artwork.  

Riaz Ali, Wellbeing Coordinator at Market Lavington Care Home, stated: 

“It was lovely hearing the stories of past holidays which Residents had been on, and the, sometimes hilarious, occurrences that had happened during those times.” 

Residents thoroughly enjoyed spending time together, sharing their childhood holiday memories and singing along to a variety of songs.  

At Shepton Mallet in Somerset, Residents enjoyed a beach party at The Glen Care Home. The beach party consisted of a water pool, sandpit, a bubble machine and a selection of decorations. A spread of wonderful treats was available for Residents to choose from including sandwiches, cakes and ice-cream, as well as drinks such as a glass of Pimms or Bucks Fizz.

Residents were thrilled with the variety of activities they could get involved in including hook-a-duck, bubble catching and beach volleyball. Residents also loved dipping their toes in the water pool to cool off.  

Barbara Park, a Resident at The Glen Care Home commented:  

              “I have thoroughly enjoyed myself, so much fun!”

Overall, the beach party was a great success and was filled with lots of laughter and smiles. 

At Daneside Mews Care Home in Cheshire, Residents and Colleagues enthusiastically participated in an Alice in Wonderland themed party. The themed party was complete with entertainment, a picnic and a visit from the ice-cream van. Residents enjoyed afternoon tea, dancing and singing along to music, chatting and laughing with each other. 

In Arnold in Nottingham, at the Beeches Care Home, summer got off to a flying start with Residents and Colleagues enjoying a fabulous party. Colleagues and Residents dressed up in summery fancy-dress costumes, such as hula skirts and garlands, and prizes were awarded to the best outfit. Lots of fun was had throughout the day, with everyone laughing and smiling. A variety of games were played including hook-a-duck.

Terri Brindley, Home Manager at the Beeches Care Home, stated:  

“The Residents said they loved playing hook-a-duck and receiving prizes. What a nice day to remember and it was brilliant seeing everyone together and having fun on this special day.” 

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Residents at HC-One care homes across the UK have been making the most of the glorious weather during the summer months by spending time in the gardens


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