Pin Badges Worn With Pride


During Good Care Month, July 2021, Prospect House Nursing and Care Home is recognising the courage and commitment of its caring staff by presenting ‘Excellent Service’ pin badges.

In recognition of the hard work and devotion during the last year, especially during the pandemic, the home wanted to present a lasting token of their appreciation. A pin badge was subsequently commissioned that each member of staff could wear with pride and satisfaction knowing their contribution is appreciated.

The badges were presented with a letter of thanks from the care home owners, which read:

‘On behalf of everyone at Mysing Care, we would like to offer heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciation for the devotion, care and dedication every staff member has shown to our residents during the COVID-19 crisis. To have continued to work in difficult circumstances with such commitment to keep our residents safe, well and happy throughout the greatest health crisis we have ever experienced is an outstanding achievement, which deserves the highest praise. We hope each one of you will wear your Mysing ‘Excellent Service’ badge with great pride in recognition of your incredible achievements both individually and as a team.’

Sarah Stroud Registered Manager at Prospect House Nursing and Care Home says: “The genuine thanks and gratitude shown for the devotion to care during the past year has really made a difference. We wear our pin badges with a lot of pride, we are proud to care, and feel very blessed to be supported in our work to continue to provide care and support that never falls short of excellent, even during a pandemic.”

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