CQC praise Tiptree care facility for fun and positive atmosphere


Staff at Morley Road care facility in Tiptree have been praised by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for providing a fun and positive atmosphere, as well as promoting the independence of the people with learning disabilities who live there.

The Morley Road bungalows were inspected by the CQC for the first time since they came under the management of the new provider, Salutem Healthcare after the company purchased all the registered care services from the charity Scope in 2018.

The service received a “Good” rating for the care it gave to people living with a learning disability and or physical disability, who told the CQC they “felt safe” and “happy”.

One resident told the CQC: “All the staff are kind and caring.

“They help me when I want them to.”

People’s bedrooms were personalised and decorated in their chosen colour and the CQC noted staff had created a positive atmosphere at the service and promoted people’s independence.

The service has an improvement plan which includes the communal areas of the home being redecorated and people who live there will be choosing the colour schemes and furniture.

Two easy chairs had recently been purchased for the lounge in the colours people had chosen by looking through magazines.

The report states: “We saw people and staff interacting with each other throughout the inspection and enjoying each other’s company.

“Staff obviously knew people well and were able to talk to us about each person’s individual needs.”

On the day of the inspection, people were busy playing board games and joining in a karaoke and the CQC noted they were “clearly enjoying themselves”.

The CQC also noted that people were supported to have maximum control of their lives and staff supported them in the least restrictive way possible and in their best interests, with detailed and person-centred care plans in easy-to-read formats.

The report also states relatives feel able to speak to the staff team at any time if they need to know about their loved one and people living at the care facility are also supported to keep in touch with their relatives, who told the CQC they “felt fully informed about any issues”.

During the COVID-19 pandemic people had been supported to maintain contact with family and friends through telephone calls, video calls and garden visits, in line with Government guidance.

The CQC also noted people living at Morley Road are supported to take part in activities they are interested in and use a secure social media page to share photographs of their activities with family and friends.

These are also used as a talking point for the people who lived in the service.

The CQC report states: “The facility promotes a positive culture that is person-centred, open, inclusive and empowering, which achieves good outcomes for people.

“People and their families, where appropriate, were involved in the planning and ongoing review of their care.”

Information is given to residents in a format they can understand for example, large print, pictures and symbols and staff speak with people at a level and pace they could understand, giving people time to process the information and to give a response.

“Throughout our inspection, we observed staff supporting people showing kindness, patience and empathy,” the report states.

“People were given the opportunity to provide feedback about the service and the care they received.

“This included regular house meetings.”

The CQC also noted staff receive regular supervisions to discuss their progress and professional development – and staff observed their manager was easy to talk to and ask about anything.

Jane Hare, manager at the care home, said: “We are delighted to have received a ‘Good’ rating from the CQC during the first inspection since Salutem took over the service.

“More importantly, we are pleased that it has been acknowledged that we provide a fun and positive atmosphere for the people we support, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives in a safe and supportive environment.

“Our staff know all of our residents extremely well and treat everyone with respect and dignity, giving them the care and support they need when they need it, but also respecting their privacy.”

John Godden, CEO of Salutem Healthcare, said: “This ‘Good’ rating from the CQC is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the staff at Morley Road, who treat our residents like their own family, providing them with the support they need, at the same time as promoting independent living at the facility.

“This external validation that our residents are safe and happy is extremely pleasing and we look forward to working with our them – and their families – in what will be a positive future for all.”

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