Loanhead care home hosts Spring Olympics to stir activity among its residents

Mansfield Care, Pine Villa, Loanhead residents participating in their activities afternoon including using the new sports table. Pictured Sandra Wood, Rena Flavell and Charles Davis-Cole

A CARE home has hosted a ‘Spring Olympics’ event for its residents to fulfil their cravings for competition and activity.

Organised by the care staff, the week-long series of competitions at Mansfield Care’s Pine Villa featured rounds of pool, Jenga, and basketball, with a Sports Quiz to close the tournament.

It comes after the residents enjoyed a programme of competitions throughout the winter months which inspired the care staff to curate the Spring Olympics, creating opportunities for healthy competition and action.

Denise Williams, Pine Villa Care Home Manager in Loanhead, said: “The residents are all very competitive so we thought this would be a fun way to stay active and play some fun games.

“Seeing as the winter games week was such a success, we wanted to make this even better. We spent a few weeks organising and planning the activities that were requested by the residents, rearranging a few tournaments due to weather but still managing to fit in games everyone enjoyed.

“It was great fun. We tried to make it a little more competitive this time round by splitting residents into teams.

“We hosted three separate games so that after each event we scored up the points and announced the winner at our closing ceremony where our residents enjoyed a spot of afternoon tea.”

As part of an ethos to provide the care we wish to receive in later life, Pine Villa, one of 11 care homes run by Mansfield Care, specialises in bespoke services to support its resident’s wellbeing.

Denise added: “We want residents to live in a stimulating environment and have activities and plans to look forward to. It’s been really challenging over lockdown with visitor restrictions, but the team has been extraordinary and really stepped up, coordinating more activities to meet our resident’s needs.

“These types of activities really help support our residents’ mental and physical health, so we feel it’s important to get creative and organise active games and events. Everyone enjoys them and looks forward to them, staff and residents alike.”

The resident-led activities are organised by the wellness coordinator to ensure resident interests and hobbies are catered to, creating a fun and fulfilling environment.

Mansfield Care specialise in small, friendly residential care homes in Edinburgh, Borders and west of Scotland; each designed to an exceptional standard with state-of-the-art facilities. The Mansfield Care ethos is inspired by the kind of care we would wish for ourselves in later life – supportive, friendly, bright, positive, empathetic, respectful and homely

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Mansfield Care, Pine Villa, Loanhead residents participating in their activities afternoon including using the new sports table. Pictured Sandra Wood and Charles Davis-Cole


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