Northfleet Care Home Receives Therapy Doll Donation


Residents of Dene Holm Residential Care Home in Northfleet received an incredibly kind gift this week, in the form of an extraordinarily life like therapy doll.

When residents at Edward Moore House Residential Care Home in Gravesend were donated an amazingly lifelike doll from local Reborn Artist, Trish, one of the resident’s relatives was so impressed by the positive impact it had on his mum and the other residents at the home, he decided to commission another doll for one of Rapport Housing & Care’s other care homes in the area.

Keen to spread the joy that he’d seen his mum and her fellow residents experience thanks to their doll and to show his appreciation to the staff, Trish was commissioned to create another doll, which was sent to Dene Holm in Northfleet. Residents were overjoyed to meet the baby, named Mary after the donor’s mum, and are already thriving on looking after her and taking her for walks around the home.

Following the kind gift, the donor said: “My underlying professional passion is mental health, emotional wellbeing and resilience. It is, in part, this interest and desire that therapeutic interventions are available and accessible that spurred me into action, together with seeing pictures of my mum benefitting from the generosity of a previous gift of a doll to Edward Moore House.

“However, more importantly, I wanted to show appreciation for the care being afforded to mum during one of the most challenging years that most, if not all of us, will ever experience.”

Doll therapy is known for its therapeutic benefits for older people, particularly for those living with dementia. It is not only beneficial in improving wellbeing and social interaction, it can also reduce anxiety and stress levels. These benefits have already been seen in abundance at Edward Moore House, where residents have been looking after their baby since October and staff have commented on the happiness it so evidently brings and how moving it is to see, Deputy Manager, Melanie Martin even said how the doll “brought joy like nothing I’ve ever seen before.”

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