Inverness couple married for 60 years are fools in love


An Inverness couple who got married on April Fool’s Day in 1961 has shared their top tips for staying together, with their main piece of advice – always have a good sense of humour.

Andrew (Eddie) Mckenzie, 81, and wife Rita Mckenzie (née Downes), 79, believe they can give couples of all ages some sound advice from their 60 years together and say laughter is the best medicine for a long and happy matrimony.

Eddie and Rita first set eyes on each other in Edinburgh where Rita was on holiday visiting from Hinckley, England and Eddie was on a night off from training for the British Army. The pair bumped into each other as Eddie, who is originally from Inverness, was leaving a bar. Eddie thought Rita was gorgeous and didn’t hold back from telling her so. But Rita wasn’t impressed and walked away.

It wasn’t until later that evening after coincidently ending up at the same dance together that the lovebirds were able to get to know each other. After the dance, Eddie realised he didn’t have enough money for his bus fare back to the army camp. Rita bailed him out and the rest is history.

Eddie and Rita have two children together, Carol and Anne, and two grandchildren, Steven and Victoria.

The doting pair are celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary at Culduthel Care Home, where they have both lived together since May 2019.

As visits to care homes in Inverness have now resumed, Eddie and Rita’s two daughters are able to visit Culduthel Care Home to help them celebrate their special day. The care home’s chef are preparing an afternoon tea, and then they’ll tuck into a cake with their wedding photograph on it.

Rita and Eddie are also hoping to receive a message of congratulations for their Diamond wedding anniversary from the Queen.

Denise Scott, care home manager of Culduthel Care Home said: “It’s lovely to have Eddie and Rita live with us in Culduthel and see how they are still so devoted to each other. It’s very special to have such a real example of true love with us at the home and we’re honoured to help them celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary. We’re also very glad the restrictions on care home visits have eased so their daughters can visit for their special day.

“They really look after each other – Rita always makes sure Eddie has enough sweeties and Eddie’s sense of humour is wonderful. He always makes sure that Rita, as well as all other residents and staff, are happy and entertained.”

Culduthel Care Home, located in Inverness, is run by Meallmore and provides excellent standards of care for its residents.

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