Focussed training and support – Parkinson’s Awareness Week


Around 145,000 people currently live with Parkinson’s in the UK. Furthermore, for every hour that passes, on average another two people are diagnosed. That’s why awareness, staff training and high-quality support are so important.

The Great Care Company is proud to have taken part in Parkinson’s Awareness Week (10-16 April 2021), raising the profile of this often frightening condition and advocating positive support choices.

A diagnosis of Parkinson’s can have a huge effect on both individuals and their friends and family. An effective balance of both practical and emotional support is the key to moving forward, and it’s this ethos that drives the team.

Parkinson’s Champions are designated staff who are highly trained and specialised to support clients with Parkinson’s and their loved ones every step of the way. Working hard to build their knowledge through a combination of hands-on experience and structured training courses, it’s a role they take seriously.

James Fry, Managing Director at the Great Care Company says:

“Offering a range of different levels of support, our staff are passionate in providing tailored care suited to the needs of every individual client. Champions also specialise in a specific area of Parkinson’s as part of their ongoing career training. This specialism may be in a certain aspect of the condition, a specific policy or in possessing a particular skillset. It all adds up to an incredibly highly adept team that’s keen to pass their knowledge on to others.

“We see investment in our people as critical to our success. No matter what role a staff member has, it’s so important that everyone feels part of the team. The flexible training and support is all about growth, not just as a home care assistant but as an individual.”

Each Champion has a personal interest in Parkinson’s and the challenges it brings. Georgia Kidd, Home Care Assistant said “The training itself covers numerous angles, from Parkinson’s-related dementia to independent living and everything in between. There’s plenty of opportunity to network professionally across the country, as well as to train other staff and broaden my skills further. This all translates into even better care, helping people with Parkinson’s to lead as independent and fulfilling a lifestyle.”

Sylvia lives in rural Lincolnshire and receives regular support from the team at the Great Care Company. Sylvia was diagnosed with Parkinson’s after a period of time in hospital after a number of falls at home and experienced a rapid decline in her health. Sylvia said:

“When I came out of hospital I needed carers to help me live independently at home with my husband. I find the staff very helpful, very friendly, every one of them. They are all good and will do anything for you. They help me when getting dressed, get into bed. I look forward to them coming as we can have a good chit chat and they will do anything for me.”

Spreading awareness of Parkinson’s, the early signs to look out for and the treatment available is an important part of the awareness week and helping people to find the right level of support for them and their families. 

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