Mothers’ Day is Time for Tea at Gravesend Care Home

Edna enjoying a decadent afternoon tea

A decadent afternoon tea was the icing on the cake for mums at Edward Moore House Residential Care Home on Sunday, as they enjoyed a Mothers’ Day treat.

With loved ones still sadly absent from celebrations in care homes, staff of the Trinity Road care home wanted to put on a special treat for the ladies of the home, in celebration of Mothers’ Day.

With the dining room decorated cheerfully especially for the occasion, the finest china in use and spring flowers on display, the ladies were invited to enjoy an afternoon tea together.

Staff served up a tasty tea of both savoury and sweet treats, topping up teacups as the ladies chatted between themselves about everything mum-related.

Chris Hutchinson, General Manager of Edward Moore House said: “The ladies had a lovely afternoon being waited on by the staff. Not only did they enjoy tucking into some tasty treats, there were also some heart warming nostalgic discussions and reminiscence about their memories of their own mums, having their children and what being a mum meant to them.”

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Edna enjoying a decadent afternoon tea


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