Cornerstone Healthcare introduces Real Living Wage to care staff


Award winning complex care provider, Cornerstone Healthcare, is among the first in the sector to introduce the Real Living Wage.

The rate, which was announced by Living Wage Foundation in November, is a voluntary rate of pay and offers workers £9.50 per hour.  Employers are encouraged to implement the change by the beginning of May and unlike the National Living Wage, which applies to those aged 23 and over, the Real Living Wage will be given to all those aged 18 and over.

Cornerstone, which owns two homes in Hampshire and one in Surrey for people with challenging behaviours associated with complex neurological and mental health needs, introduced the new rate for its healthcare assistants and ancillary staff this month.

“Care staff have long deserved an increase in pay but their efforts during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic have brought this into sharper focus,” said Cornerstone CEO, Johann van Zyl.

“They have worked so hard during these last 12 months, which have been emotionally and physically challenging.  While we introduced a number of initiatives to show our gratitude and make their daily work easier, what they really deserved was an ongoing reward.”

The new rate of pay for its employees is 78p per hour above the government’s current National Living Wage of £8.72. 

“This pay increase is recognition for their dedication and their hard work and show others outside the sector that healthcare is a respected career.”

The group was recently named ‘Complex Care Provider of the Year’ in the HealthInvestor awards and is planning to open additional homes in Somerset in 2022 and in Bristol in 2023.

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