Careers Week: Career Climbing During a Pandemic – How a Tough Year Drove These Carers to Take the Next Steps


Whilst is has been an exceptionally challenging year for those living and working in care homes, it has also been an opportunity for care workers to shine and show just what they’re capable of. Staff at Rogers House Residential Care Home in Wigmore, share their stories.

“I always wanted to work up to a senior role,” says Charlotte Mastin, a recently promoted Senior Carer, “when the pandemic started, I didn’t think it would happen but it actually ended up giving me the chance to manage and deal with situations I’d never dealt with before. It helped me improve my confidence and ultimately progress my career.

Charlotte started her career as a kitchen assistant in 2014 but soon moved to a carer role, “I was brought up by my nan so I’ve always had that elderly figure in my life and I knew I wanted to care for elderly people – it’s a pleasure to work at Rogers House.”

Emma Cooper, a Flexi Senior at the home, also felt the pandemic and her promotion gave her the opportunity to show her potential. “The pandemic gave us all challenges and difficulties to overcome but the staff here have been so supportive to one another, it has carried us through. Being a resident’s emotional, physical and mental support has made me realise that I am more than just a carer and I make a difference to their lives. I actually feel closer to the residents now, as they have had limited contact with their families.

“In April 2020 I lost my granddad to Covid-19 and we couldn’t attend his funeral, in December, I tested positive and couldn’t look after my children, it’s been a scary thing to face but it has made me appreciate life.”

Charlotte Weston has also recently stepped up to a senior care role, “the current situation has given me much more understanding of why we work the way we do and I am more aware of the every day risks to our residents. The past year also gave me the confidence to run shifts, manage staff and do care plans, eventually, I’d like to work in management.

Charlotte started her career in care as it fitted in with looking after her children but she soon realised she was doing it for other reasons, “now I do it because every day is different and I know I can make a difference in someone’s life.”

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