Cambridge Care Home Plans For Better Times


It is very important for the well-being for everyone to have something ahead to look forward to. It makes you feel good and may also give an “atmosphere of growth” to your life, because the future seems bright.

Lindsey, Lifestyle Coordinator at St Georges Court Care Home in Cambridge, and some of the residents decided to look forward and start planning for their St Georges Court garden.

Many of the residents enjoyed maintaining their own gardens before they came to St Georges. They reminisced with each other trying to explain the plan of their own gardens so others could imagine what it looked like.

They also discussed what they had managed to do in the garden last year and the main project was to brighten up the large wooden shed building that was rather prominent. They had painted it rainbow colours and it really is a focal point.

This year they have decided to concentrate on growing some colourful and scented flowers as well as growing a variety of vegetables.

They have collated a wish list of lilies, lupins, iris, roses, dahlias, sunflowers, sweet Williams, big daises, and lavender.

They will be able to work on their plans prepping the areas and asking for donations ahead of schedule.

Lindsey has made a poster with pictures and written their ideas next to the pictures. This way they have a record of their planning session and can refer to it whenever needed.

Residents cannot wait to start their project as soon as the warmer weather arrives and to reap up their rewards, after the planting and growing has taken place. Hoping that in the summer they will be able to sit in the garden with their loved ones.

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