British Innovator Jelly Drops Announces UK Initiative to Recognise Unsung Heroes

• Alzheimer's Society- backed Jelly Drops launches ‘Celebrate Carers’ initiative • Acknowledging outstanding achievements of carers across the UK

London innovator, Jelly Drops, has announced its first ‘Celebrate Carers’ initiative to champion both paid and unpaid carers across the UK for their outstanding contributions and dedication.

With unpaid carers alone having spent an extra 92 million hours looking after loved ones since the pandemic, Jelly Drops wanted to shine a spotlight on some of the remarkable individuals that have gone above and beyond the call of duty to care for people.

The nominations opened in December 2020, and gave people the opportunity to highlight the amazing work of care home staff members, in-home carers, dedicated family members, and friends who have been a phenomenal help in people’s time of need.

Below is a selection of outstanding carers that demonstrated amazing dedication and effort.

Dawn McKenner, 42 – Northumberland
Lilian Hunt, 73 – Newcastle upon Tyne
Michelle and Chris Smith, 50s – Suffolk
Peter Small, 51 – Wiltshire
Tony Bolland, 78 – West Yorkshire

*Please find more information on the winners below. 

Lewis Hornby, Founder of Jelly Drops, comments:Since Jelly Drops launched in October 2020, we’ve received hundreds of personal stories from our community, often from people who have been hit extremely hard by the pandemic. On a daily basis we would read about carers, both paid and unpaid, going the extra mile to help the people they cared for during this difficult time. These incredible stories inspired us to use our platform to celebrate carers and acknowledge their amazing efforts.”

Jelly Drops are award-winning hydrating treats. Inventor Lewis Hornby was inspired to create them after his grandma Pat, who had dementia, was struggling to stay hydrated. The delicious sweets are 95% water, sugar-free, vegan, come in six delicious fruity flavours. These bright, bite-sized sweets are ideal for anyone wanting a water boost or just a tasty snack. 

  • Dawn McKenner, 42: Dawn works as a community physiotherapist and cares for her son, as well as helping her mum care for her dad. On top of this, Dawn is also a volunteer director for a children’s charity.
  • Lilian Hunt, 73: Last year, Lilian’s husband had a devastating fall followed by his heart-breaking diagnosis of Dementia. Since then, Lillian has been by his side every step of the way looking after her partner on a daily basis, supporting his every need and dancing with him regularly.
  • Michelle & Chris Smith, 50s: Michelle & Chris have been carers for her father living with dementia, and his mother for over 15 years. They work full time, but support both parents tremendously each day. They organise, collect and deliver their medications, food shopping and meals. Their loving care, time and support is infinite.
  • Peter Small, 51: Peter’s mother-in-law has advanced dementia, and alongside his wife, Peter has  been looking after her for three years. Everyday he helps with personal care, general activities, and keeping her company. Peter has shown patience and kindness beyond measure, and his wife is immensely proud of him and how he has set a fantastic example for their children.
  • Tony Bolland, 78: Tony has been married to his wife for 60 years, and has become her daily carer since she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. He’s been nominated by his daughter who is inspired daily by his patience and kindness. Tony never corrects her for forgetting or repeating things, but instead goes along with her for the ride, reminiscing and celebrating their memories.

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• Alzheimer’s Society- backed Jelly Drops launches ‘Celebrate Carers’ initiative • Acknowledging outstanding achievements of carers across the UK


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