Local Supermarket Delivery is Icing on the Cake for Care Home Residents


Keen to help them stay occupied in lockdown, staff of the local supermarket delivered some cakes and decorating tools to residents at Dene Holm Residential Care Home.

It’s frosty outside but there was plenty of frosting inside this week too, as Chris Bradford of the Morrisons store in Coldharbour Road, Northfleet delivered some sweet treats to the residents of the residential care home, which were sure to keep them busy on a rainy afternoon.

The delicious delivery included fairy cakes with plenty of icing and decorations, so the residents could have their cake and eat it. They spent the afternoon decorating and personalising their colourful cupcakes and when they were quite happy with the finished batch, staff put the kettle on so they could tuck in and try them, surely the best bit.

Morrisons regularly donate flowers to the residents, for their flower arranging activities and have previously donated biscuits for decorating. The store also set up a giving tree inviting shoppers to buy Christmas gifts for the residents, in addition to giving staff boxes of biscuits.

Lea-Ann Shaw, Activity Coordinator at Dene Holm said: “Since the start of the pandemic, staff of our local Morrisons store have been so kind to us, always thinking of us and bringing treats for the residents – we really are overwhelmed and very grateful.”

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