Latest lockdown calls for cream tea at Barnes Lodge


With the new lockdown well underway, we are all missing those luxuries such as shopping and eating out. But Barnes Lodge residents decided they don’t need to go to a tea room to get one of their favourite treats, a cream tea!

On a cold, wintery January morning the Social Activities Facilitator at Barnes Lodge thought that if they couldn’t visit a tea room, then they would bring the tea room to them.

This meant residents joined in with the task of baking their very own homemade scones, which was of course accompanied with a proper pot of tea. Without having to face the wind and rain going on outside, residents had great fun together, in particular at the end of the morning, where the scones were demolished with lashings of clotted cream and jam, of course.

Kay Hawkins, Social Activities Facilitator at Barnes Lodge commented: “It really is the simple things in life that matter the most, and there is nothing better than baking your own treats and getting to eat them all together afterwards.

“Of course, our residents are missing their loved ones, but being able to keep them happy and feeling safe at a time like this means the world. There is nothing like all sitting together and eating and chatting, it feels like one big family.”

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