Covidbusters and Covid-19 Vaccinations at Jewish Care

Jewish Care CEO Daniel Carmel-Brown receiving first dose of vaccine

Jewish Care launched a campaign last week to encourage staff, residents, tenants and relatives of those in our care to have the Covid-19 vaccine when it is made available to them.

The Covidbusters campaign, launched last week, aims to answer any questions and bust myths around the vaccine, encouraging those who are eligible to receive it, to do so as soon as possible and become a ‘Covidbuster’.

Webinars with a number of healthcare professionals and experts was held for Jewish Care staff and relatives with loved ones in our care homes, to enable them to ask questions and address any concerns around having the vaccine.

The webinar accompanied the wider campaign which was rolled out across all Jewish Care resources and electronic devices, encouraging staff to have the vaccine.

Our frontline staff have received letters with information on how to book themselves in to their nearest vaccination hub along with consent forms provided by the NHS and Public Health England.

We are preparing for the when the vaccine can be rolled out in our care homes.

Daniel Carmel-Brown, Chief Executive of Jewish Care, said:

“We are working as quickly as possible on the practicalities of rolling out the Covid-19 vaccine to our most vulnerable groups and those who care for them, as soon as possible. When the vaccine is made accessible to us, we will be doing all we can to ensure that the uptake of the vaccine with our staff, volunteers, and residents is as high as possible. We are hopeful that this vaccine is a sign that things will begin to return to some kind of normality next year, but we need the take up of the vaccine to be high in order to be able to do this. We hope the wider community and other communal bodies will join us in encouraging the take up of the vaccine.”

Mira Stamatova, Registered Manager at Jewish Care’s Otto Schiff care home in Golders Green, received the vaccination last week. She said:

“This is, by far, a better alternative than being exposed to the virus, which has the potential to have devastating effects. We will be encouraging everyone who works with us and has a loved one in our care, to get the vaccine. It’s so important that we are vaccinated so that we can continue to protect ourselves, our families and the residents from the virus.”

Mary Mabunga, Day Duty Leader at Jewish Care’s Otto Schiff care home, also received the vaccine and said:

“Only when I’m healthy can I confidently care for and serve others. The Covid-19 vaccine gives me the confidence to continue the great work of being of service to our vulnerable adults.”

Jewish Care CEO Daniel Carmel-Brown receiving first dose of vaccine


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