Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Group celebrate Customer Service Excellence


Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Group’s, Director Sue Lace was absolutely delighted to pass onto her staff the fantastic news of Stocks Hall’s latest CSE, Customer Service Excellence, Inspection results.

The Group was given an outstanding 21+ Compliance’s, which is a score that the Assessor has never awarded before, to any other Organisations.

Director Sue’s words to staff, when the results came through late Friday afternoon were, “I am absolutely bursting with pride for you all. To have achieved this, with everything else you have all had to deal with this year, is absolutely incredible. I am so lucky to have such an amazing team. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. What a lovely end to the week for us all, have a wonderful weekend, thank you so much, you’re the best.”

What radiated out from the report is what is at the heart of the Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Group is namely that the persons being cared for, get the best possible Individual Care they each, so rightly, deserve.

The Assessor goes on to say “It was clear to see, that purposeful, dynamic, forward thinking, transformational and visionary ‘Person Centred’ Leadership ensured that Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Group went from strength to strength. Senior Managers were obviously strong role models within the Organisation and they had clear expectations in terms of effectively leading a ‘client focused’ and Quality Orientated Organisation.

It was also clearly evident the Assessor writes that “during the visit to Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Group that staff were firmly on-board in terms of providing Excellent Care at all times in what could be a very eclectic, complex & challenging field of work.

There was no doubt that Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Group had an insightful commitment in relation to providing the most appropriate solutions for their clients’ and as a result of this had firmly reinforced the area of ‘putting the customers at the heart of everything that they did’ by clearly setting out expected behaviours & protocols which were directly linked to how Services & Care were delivered. This again was good evidence of a solid focus being made in ensuring that clients’ always received excellent support, were consulted with and also made sure that they (or their relatives) could potentially play some part in influencing changes to the service improvement approach at Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Group.”

To provide such Excellent Care, Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Group understand that they also need to invest in their staff. The Group believe ‘Every Person is Valued’ and invest in their staff considerably.

During the Inspection, another aspect of the Stocks Hall Group was that the Assessor in his words “was immensely impressed by the pride; commitment and strong client focus shown by staff in terms of ensuring that the clients’ experiences were always excellent.”

He was equally convinced of standards that were in place at Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Group and that these were aligned to several significant performance drivers & processes in connection to the following areas:

•CQC (Care Quality Commission) Standards
•Local Authority
Health & Safety
•Care plans
•Safeguarding protocol

The Assessor continued on to say …….. “Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Group could not operate successfully in the Care Sector without being totally focused on Quality of Care and timeliness. Their attention to detail was excellent and made sure that Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Group always had the potential to exceed their clients’ expectations.”

Finally his echoing words of praise left the company in no doubt with their performance levels.

The examiner concludes …… “Having carried out the assessment process in accordance with the guidelines provided for Assessors by the Cabinet Office the Assessor was satisfied beyond any doubt that Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Group meets the requirements of the Customer Service Excellence Standard. The Assessor recommends to the Panel that they be recognised under the standard. On behalf of Centre for Assessment Limited, the Assessor would like to congratulate all the staff of Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Group on their achievement.

No wonder Stocks Hall, Director Sue is so pleased. This news is such a wonderful achievement for all. Congratulations Stocks Hall Nursing & Care Group! You truly are AMAZING!


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