Birthday greetings to Marjorie


Marjorie Light moved into Sunrise of Fleet’s Memory Care Neighbourhood in August. On November 3rd she celebrated turning 84, but for Marjorie, age is but a number.

Marjorie is extremely active, she is a keen golfer, and enjoys joining Sunrise of Fleet’s gentle exercise classes, using the home’s exercise bike and walking daily. Remarkably, she is still able to do the splits and high kicks.

Marjorie grew up in the town of Port Talbot in Wales with her four siblings, she never had children, but is a big animal lover. She was happily married and enjoyed having Alsatians as pets for most of her life.  She was a home economics teacher and loved to spend time socialising and watching animal-related programmes. Marjorie takes great pride in her appearance; she has a passion for fashion and will often wear kitten heels – even her slippers have heels.

When Marjorie’s parents were older, they moved to Hartley Wintney village and Marjorie lived next door to them. She was Captain of Hartley Wintney Golf Club for a while and would go on golfing holidays every year with her friends from the club.  Marjorie is also a keen traveller and spent a lot of her time holidaying on cruise ships.

From a young age she loved spending time outdoors and keeping fit and would go walking and ride her bike every day. She is thrilled to continue keeping fit and active at Sunrise of Fleet, and will sometimes run ‘keep fit’ classes with the activities team, as well as using the Motiview bike, walking daily, and playing a spot of golf in the garden.  Marjorie tends to enjoy all the different activities on offer, and flourishes from keeping busy every day.  She has made many new friends at Sunrise of Fleet with the team and other residents too.

The team at the care home organised a special day for Marjorie’s birthday, it was lovely and sunny, so she was able to get out in the garden and enjoy putting with her new golf set. Marjorie was thrilled to receive several gifts throughout the day from family and friends, including a lovely teddy from Hartley Wintney Golf Club.

The in-house dining team at Sunrise of Fleet made Marjorie a lovely personalised-cake with her favourite toppings – chocolate and strawberries.

Lucy Jesse, Director of Community Relations at Sunrise of Fleet, said:

“It was such a wonderful day for Marjorie, I am so happy we were able to give her the birthday celebration she deserves. She has loved her time so far at Sunrise of Fleet, and I know the team and other residents are very fond of her.”



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