Northamptonshire care home unveils ‘Magic Table’


Residents at a care home in Corby are making full use of a new piece of innovative technology that has been purchased following a year-long fundraising effort.

Sandalwood Court, which is run by Shaw healthcare, recently took delivery of a 40-inch digital activity table, also known as a “Magic Table”. The portable device is particularly beneficial for older residents, especially those living with dementia, and helps to improve their personal wellbeing by engaging sensory skills, encouraging social interaction and reducing anxiety.

The table can be loaded up with a variety of apps, including interactive games and puzzles, as well as allowing staff to make video calls with family members of residents who are unable to communicate properly via normal sized computer screens or tablets.

Care home manager, Stephanie Adams, described the purchase as ‘transformational’ for many of the home’s residents and says she has already observed the positive impact that the table is having;

“The last six months has been extremely challenging for everyone, but for residents in care homes who are living with dementia, the challenges have been even greater. Staff have been working really hard to keep all our residents entertained every day and make up for the restrictions that have been placed on visitors and social events, but many of them are still struggling to make sense of the changes.

“The Magic Table is a fantastic addition to Sandalwood Court and is already proving very popular with residents. I also want to thank all the local people and businesses who contributed to the fundraising effort, as their generosity has played a real part in making this possible.”


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