‘Making Relational Care Work for Older People’-Leading author to host virtual book launch


The way we care for older people, and the value society places on them and their carers, has become an ever-more urgent topic.  A new book from Routledge, Making Relational Care Work for Older People: Exploring innovation and best practice in everyday life, takes a unique approach to the subject. Based on some 150 in-depth interviews over a period of five years, with older people, carers, community project and care home managers and owners around the UK, author Jenny Kartupelis offers insights into what most matters in helping people achieve greater emotional and physical wellbeing.


Her critical proposal is that contentment, purpose and meaning in life are promoted by networks of two-way relationships based on mutual knowledge and trust. The author not only substantiates her observations with evidence of outcomes drawn from material provided by numerous community and residential projects; she also gives a wealth of practical suggestions ranging from subtle changes to the environment through to complete revision of the philosophy of care.


Readers can find out about:

  • Re-thinking person-centred and relational care
  • Building community care teams that work in fresh and more effective ways
  • Creating secure ‘care villages’ embedded in their neighbourhood
  • Introducing Montessori principles to elderly care
  • How intergenerational models can be optimised
  • A review of the most recent cutting-edge technology for elderly care
  • Interior design and architectural guidelines proven to encourage good relationships
  • How small changes at modest cost make a real difference
  • Why policy and funding must be reviewed to favour relational care


This is a lively book full of realistic ideas and information for everyone who wants to find out more about, access or implement the best in care and is a must-have for staff, managers and students in the care sector; for those involved in policy and planning; and most importantly for people planning for their older age and their relatives.


Contact for further information and review copies:

Jenny Kartupelis, jenny@cambcatalyst.co.uk, 07968 189335


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