Gravesend Care Home Residents Wind Back the Years


Residents at Edward Moore House Residential Care Home in Gravesend, spent a morning reminiscing together, discussing some memory-awakening items.


This week, the dining room at the Trinity Road residential care home was transformed into a retro haven, filled with an abundance of familiar and nostalgic items, objects, games, books, music and more, for an evocative activity.


Residents gathered together and spent a morning browsing the items and sharing stories of the memories that were prompted by each of the items. All who participated found the activity to be very thought provoking and at times, moving.


Modern gerontologists have acknowledged the benefits of people living with dementia recalling personal experiences from the past, as long-term memory is the strongest and the last to decline, as such, nostalgic activities are excellent for residents living in care homes.


Chris Hutchinson, General Manager of Edward Moore House said: “Actively engaging with our residents, and particularly those living with dementia is key to our team being able to deliver person-centered care. Reminiscence activities are excellent for bonding with one another, sparking memories and generally providing a connection.


“Certain items can trigger memories that were forgotten, it really is incredible to see how the residents open up when they remember something from their younger days.”


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