Sweet treat for Northfleet care home residents


Life was sweet at Edward Moore House and Dene Holm Residential Care Home this week, thanks to a delivery of biscuits from their friends at Northfleet Nursery.


The afternoon’s snacks were taken care of, as one of the teachers of the local nursery dropped off a batch of biscuits for the residents, to let them know the children are thinking of them and they’re missing their regular visits.


Prior to the pandemic, the nursery children and care home residents had developed a friendship, regularly visiting one another and learning and reading together. Some of the residents even volunteered as Beanstalk Volunteers, to help the children with reading. Sadly though, since the country locked down in March, these visits had to stop.


Chris Hutchinson, General Manager of both residential care homes said: “At the end of 2019, children from Northfleet Nursery started visiting us, and our residents made some visits to them to watch their Nativity etc. The project grew really quickly, and friendships developed, it was wonderful to be a part of.


“However, due to Covid-19, the residents haven’t been able to see the children for quite some time now, so it was a really thoughtful gesture for them to drop in some treats, to let the residents know they are thinking of them, we’d like to say thank you and that we hope to see them all soon.”


Panna Nagar, Head Teacher at the nursery added, “The children and staff are missing the visits from the residents and the Beanstalk volunteers, as we have really valued this intergenerational project. The children enjoyed sharing the books with the volunteers and listening to the stories.


“Our children really benefited from this experience by building those all-important relationships with the older residents they all got to know over the time. We made this gesture because we want to thank Chris, who made this project a big success. We are looking forward to our continued partnership in the future and wanted to send our good wishes to the residents through these troubled times.”


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