Leeds youngsters impress residents and local school- Stepping up throughout the coronavirus

An inspiring duo- Josh Parker and Neil Moore

What an inspiring duo, Neil Moore and Josh Parker are.

These two sixteen-year-olds have taken up Kitchen Assistant roles within their local care home, Hutton Manor in Pudsey, working throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

When their school Pudsey Grangefield closed its doors to children as part of the lockdown, Josh and Neil, who is the son of the Home Manager, Helen; decided not to waste their time and approached Helen, to see if there were any jobs, they could do at Hutton Manor.

Helen felt that their determination to help should be recognised.

The home, like most other care homes across the country, has had its cases of COVID-19, yet these young men have turned up to every shift.

The work has been hard and relentless, with staff working extra shifts to try and stop the spread. Josh and Neil have repeatedly stepped up.

Helen spoke to Josh’s parents explaining that there would be constant risk assessments and that he would be required to wear PPE and adhere to all the government guidance, but that she would understand if he didn’t want to continue. Josh’s parents are as proud, as Helen is of Neil.

These boys had no intention of giving up. They had already become familiar faces with the residents.

Annie, whose room is located next to the front door, looks forward to staff arriving and always waves but she has a special wave for Neil and Josh, who she describes as ‘Smashers, two lovely boys, so polite. It’s lovely to see.’

Barbara and Pat also have nothing but praise for the boys, both agreeing that it’s a pleasure to meet two responsible young men, who at sixteen, have displayed an amazing maturity.

Their headmaster, Mr Mark McKelvie said in an email to the care home: “It is extremely impressive that they have chosen to help in this way particularly given the specific issues regarding care homes and the pandemic.

“It is also an excellent use of the time they have until hopefully, formal lessons start again in September. Today was supposed to have been the prom, so it is a fitting time to hear such, a good story about our Year 11 students.

“Please pass on my best wishes to Neil and Josh, and I will make sure we share this story with all staff in my briefing.”

The boys will be returning to Pudsey Grangefield Six Form in September, where Josh intends to continue his education and aims to become an accountant. Neil is looking at engineering/business studies.

They are also remaining at Hutton Manor as bank staff.

Having already studied at the University of Life, you can expect to see much more of both of them!


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