Excelcare thank frontline staff through rainbow-themed fundraising effort

As the UK went into ‘lockdown’ due to the outbreak of COVID-19, key workers in the Health and Social Care sector found themselves in the spotlight as an integral part of society’s journey to keep people safe and cared for. Going above and beyond on a daily basis, and often supporting where they may have not before.

During this challenging and busy time for our key workers, Excelcare’s CEO, Osman ‘Ozzie’ Ertosun, and COO, Sam Manning, created The Excelcare Rainbow Fund. Together with the Senior Management Team, they donated the initial funds and began a fundraising effort with one goal in mind; to ensure that frontline team members in our care homes were rewarded for their hard work, dedication and commitment. Receiving the recognition and thanks that they deserve.

With an initial target of £15,000, The Rainbow Fund was shared far and wide to gather support, with many donations from families and friends of our care homes, their communities and also Excelcare support office team members, who were keen to support their colleagues on the frontline.

In addition to our GoFundMe page, efforts were also seen from within Excelcare, with a successful raffle being held, raising £698 and Excelcare’s own Head of Financial Operations, Steve Parker, cycling 437 kilometres with his family to raise an incredible £1,195! Before long, we had surpassed our target, raising a massive £20,000 in total!


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