Cumnor care home makes the most of the glorious weather to host its first COVID-secure visit


A CUMNOR care home made the most of the glorious weather to host its first COVID-secure visit.

Chawley Grove resident Pat Benoist said she was thrilled to finally see her son after almost three months in lockdown.

She said: “It was such a wonderful surprise to see Dominic’s face again, it’s been quite a long time coming!

“To be honest for us it’s been fine, it’s almost as if it hasn’t happened, because no one has been affected, thankfully.”

The first visit to the home took place under strict COVID-secure measures and at two metres social distancing.

Visitors are kitted out with personal protective equipment (PPE), including full face visor, mask, gloves and apron.

Pat’s son, Dominic Benoist, said he was thrilled to finally be able to see his mother.

He said: “The visit was lovely; it was wonderful to be able to connect with my mum again after all this time.

“We’re all getting used to doing things a little differently now, but I’m so glad it’s possible to meet while taking all the measures to keep everyone safe.”

Today’s reunion marked the start to the resumption of visits to the home after they were suspended at the beginning of March to shield the residents from the virus. The early lockdown was a success and there have been no reported cases at the home.

The carefully controlled visit took place in a bunting-draped awning in the garden of the luxury care home, on Cumnor Hill, with a two-metre spacing between chairs.

The home has also launched its Enhanced Infection Control Pledge to ensure that residents and staff are kept safe and well at all times.

Home Manager Theresa Whitford said she was delighted to welcome family members back to Chawley Grove.

She said: “Today is a really important day for us, and all the residents, as it marks a step closer to getting back to normal. We’re thrilled that Pat could meet her son – let’s hope it’s the first of many family visits now that the virus is in retreat and we have a safe way to host people.

“While we’re a luxury care home, we’re also an incredibly safe care home, and we will not let down our guard in the vigilance against this virus in the weeks and months ahead.”


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