Care UK’s senior nurse welcomes NMC comments on care homes


Care UK has welcomed the Nursing & Midwifery Council’s acknowledgement of the huge role care home teams have played during the coronavirus pandemic.


NMC Chief Executive and Registrar Andrea Sutcliffe CBE has taken the opportunity, while speaking at an event, to highlight how Covid-19 has changed the perception of social care nursing and how that change may inspire new entrants to the profession.


She was among the keynote speakers at ‘The New Normal’ event – a virtual conference for those managing these challenging times in social care


She said: “One of the things that drives me to distraction is the perception of social care not having the same level of skill or value compared to those working in the acute sector. But the pandemic has meant we are now busting that myth. I encourage everyone to continue to share and promote some of the brilliant examples of practice and leadership happening in so many social care settings day in, day out, to inspire others.”


She went on to say: “Most importantly of all, improving the perception and recognition of social care nursing is a shared responsibility for all of us who lead, manage and work in health and care services. It is incumbent on all of us to promote, champion and strengthen our social care nursing community – who really are the heart of our local communities – now and for the future.”


Care UK’s Head of Nursing Rachel Gilbert said: “I was delighted to hear Andrea’s comments. It is truly time for us to move away from the out-dated label of the Cinderella service. Our nurses are highly skilled and dedicated and they work in purpose-built, well-equipped homes. They are leaders, mentors and experts within those home teams and they ensure that some of the frailest members of our society receive exceptional care day after day.”


Last year the NMC issued a statement again backing and recognising the vital contribution that adult social care nurses make every day to millions of people living in communities who rely on receiving person-centred care that meets their needs and supports their aspirations.


Rachel said: “I would like to thank the NMC for its ongoing commitment to social care nurses. Again and again Andrea and her team have given out the message that nurses working in adult social care should never be made to feel as though we are less important or less skilled than colleagues working in the health service.


“Our nurses manage teams and provide care to people with increasingly complex needs, roles that require a very high level of knowledge, skill and competence. At Care UK we pride ourselves on offering exceptional levels of ongoing training and support in order to deliver the care our residents need and expect.


“Like Andrea, I hope the change in public perception will mean that more registered nurses, and those in training, consider joining us in social care, where they can look forward to an emotionally and professionally rewarding career.”



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