Autumna: When online information is all there is…


With the NHS under immense pressure to speed up the discharge process, it is even more important that families who have elderly loved ones vacating hospital beds, are able to find information quickly and easily about the best care home options open to them. Without the ability to visit first though, this is proving exceptionally difficult.


It’s for this reason that Autumna has decided to offer a standard listing on its site for free.


A standard listing on Autumna is a premium listing anywhere else.


A standard listing includes website and email links, a photo, availability, CQC rating and crucially, searchable details of the care specialism’s a care provider offers. And because of the inability to visit during the lockdown, Autumna also displays an icon that highlights which care providers offer ‘virtual visiting’ through digital family portals.


Catering for care homes, home care and live-in care, many providers have already taken advantage of Autumna’s free listing. It’s important though that as many providers as possible take advantage of this free offer. Families with elderly loved ones leaving hospital desperately need information – now more than ever.


Autumna’s mission has always been to make it easier for people to find the right elderly care, and so, even after the COVID-19 crisis, the standard listing will remain free. Care providers will never be charged for a standard listing and Autumna will never give or take a referral fee.


What governs how high a care provider appears in an Autumna search is not the size of their marketing budget, but how much information they have provided that is relevant to the person searching for care. Autumna wants to create a level playing field for all providers, large and small, and by so doing give the public the easily accessible information they need now, and will want in the future.


For more information contact Debbie Harris on 01892 335 330 or or click here.


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