Hallmark Care Homes joins forces with Musica


Hallmark Care Homes has joined forces with Musica, a music and health social enterprise which helps to integrate music into the daily care of people living with dementia.


From March onwards, Hallmark’s 20 homes will have access to Musica’s Press Play to Rewind online training which will train two team members from each home about the health benefits of music, how to create meaningful playlists and how to successfully use music in a group and one to one activities.


The training which takes approximately 12 weeks, involves a mixture of e-learning and coaching with a focus on using and documenting music activities to support people living with dementia.


Head of Dementia at Hallmark Care Homes, April Dobson said: “Hallmark Care Homes is delighted to partner with Musica as we know that music has numerous benefits for everyone.  It can bring about an emotional response, encourage relaxation, reduce stress, lower blood pressure and heart rate, and ease tension in muscles. Singing together can act as a natural form of physiotherapy through breathing, clapping, tapping feet and moving in time to the music.


“Through the partnership, we will begin to integrate music into care planning using personalised music therapeutically, and bringing about magical moments of warmth and joy.”


Founder of Musica, Rosanna Mead said: “We’re so pleased to be announcing a partnership with Hallmark Care Homes. It means we can roll out our Press Play to Rewind training to all Hallmark Care Homes, and support their Press Play to Rewind Champions to embed music into their daily care. We are also grateful to Hallmark Care Homes for supporting us as we work towards becoming a Skills for Care Endorsed Learning Provider.”


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