Armchair fitness is the key to fitness in old age


When it comes to fitness move it or lose it is the principle residents at Edendale Lodge care home are subscribing to with a new armchair exercise routine.

With a combined age of 750 years, nine Crowhurst care home residents are proving that exercise isn’t just for the young and flexible, no matter the age or mobility, exercise is for everyone.

Making sure their exercise is fun and enjoyable the care home has partnered with the specialist exercise company ‘Move it or Lose it’ to provide every resident with the opportunity to take part in a safe and accessible fitness activity designed to improve muscle strength, coordination and mental health.

Theresa Toal, registered care manager at Edendale Lodge says: “Healthy ageing is our priority but we appreciate that for many of our residents, exercise can have its limitations. This is why we have partnered with ‘Move it or Lose it’. With their expert guidance and tutoring, residents can take part in gentle exercise to improve physical strength and independence. It’s such a fun activity and it is clear to see everyone really enjoys the sessions, for many, it’s the only form of exercise they enjoy!”

Designed for improved mental and physical wellbeing the fitness classes help improve flexibility, agility, aerobic health, balance and strength, all key to promoting good physical and mental health amongst residents.

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