Ripon care home residents celebrate opening of virtual railway station


Residents at Borrage House in Ripon celebrated the opening of its virtual railway station the first since the closure of Ripon’s railway station in the 1960s. ‘Denton Station’, was funded by a bequest from former resident Jean Denton.

Pam Purcell, 84 who has lived at Borrage House for a year and her daughter Jayne Cauldwell said: “It is so relaxing and lovely to sit chatting about memories of train journeys and listening to the sound of the train. It reminded us of when we used to travel from Leeds.

“All we need now is for the refreshments to come down the carriage.”

Rachel Maister, 96 who has lived at Borrage House for three years said: ‘It’s certainly really good for when families visit to be able to sit on the train and see the scenery go by. I used to catch the train as a young girl to go to Chester where I was at school. I used to have to change at York which was always a bit scary!”


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