Three new non-executive directors join Cornwall Care


Three new non-executive directors have joined the Cornwall Care team: financial planner Ian Harris, former NHS senior manager and leadership coach Heather Mullin and care assistant Allison Haywood.


Standing down from the charity are former non-executive directors and trustees Geraldine Lavery, John Acornley and Dr Tony Felton.


“Saying goodbye to people is never easy, but I’m delighted to welcome Ian, Heather and Allison as our new non-executive board members,” said Chief Executive Officer Anne Thomas. 


“We’ve been working very hard to develop a new vision and strategy for Cornwall Care over the last year – one that is all about delivering an exceptional level of service to the many people we look after in our homes and in their own homes across the county, whilst also looking after our staff and ensuring they are happy and properly rewarded for what they do.


“Appointing Allison Haywood, one of our employees, is an important part of the culture change we are aiming for because she is there, on the ground, working shifts and providing care on a daily basis. 


“I believe that putting the people who receive and deliver care at the centre of every decision is essential – giving us a much more comprehensive insight into what we collectively need to do to take Cornwall Care forward. We are people looking after people and that individual perspective should be at the heart of all our planning.”


Heather Mullin said she was delighted with the work Cornwall Care is doing to encourage employees to have their say.


“The new board has had a presentation about the culture work being led by consultants Sneddon Clark on our first away day,” she said.  “We were all really impressed with what we heard and are 100% committed to working with the values that are created by the organisation and everyone involved in its development.”


The Cornwall Care board is chaired by highly experienced director Philip Rees.


“I’d like to thank our departing non-executive directors for their time, energy and valuable contributions,” he said. “Our new appointees are very warmly welcomed, and I look forward to working with them over the months and years ahead.” 


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