Scottish chef wins Meals Mean More catering competition

Meallmore Care Awards 2019

A Scottish Chef has won the title of Chef of the Year in a new catering competition, ‘Meals Mean More’ introduced by leading care provider Meallmore.

Paul O’Brien is Head Chef at St Modans Care Home in Aberdeenshire and lucky residents have been enjoying his creations since he started working at Meallmore 18 years ago.

The ‘Meals Mean More’ competition is open to all 23 care homes in the Meallmore Care Home group. Catering representatives from each home are invited to compete for the title of ‘Chef of the Year’. Just five chefs were shortlisted to go through to the final cook-off at Glasgow College of Commerce with the winner being announced at the annual Meallmore awards.

The competition was introduced by Group Hospitality Manager, Jody Marshall, and judges entrants on the taste, nutrition, presentation and texture of their dishes.

The winner was decided by a panel including Meallmore staff, a care home resident and Chief Judge, Scott Scorer, Head Chef at Ballathie House Hotel. Scott was trained at Gleneagles and won the prestigious “Executive Chef of the year” award in 2016. Eddie Easton of Campbells Meat Supply also joined the panel.

Excited to have won Paul commented: “It’s good for the home and the community we live in to win the award. I’m absolutely chuffed, I didn’t think I’d win this. There’s nothing more rewarding than making a difference to the residents through what they eat.”

Jody Marshall was appointed as Group Hospitality Manager earlier this year. If forms part of Meallmore’s commitment to continually developing catering and hospitality standards and ensuring mealtimes and hospitality are a great experience for residents.

Jody explains: “Introducing Meals Mean More seemed like the perfect way to showcase the talent and passion of the different people in our catering teams. We’ve had entrants from experienced Catering Assistants to Head Chefs, which is great to see. The competition gives everyone an opportunity to develop their skills, share ideas and learn from our high-quality chefs.’

“It’s also been a fantastic experience for our residents who have sampled some delicious creations, and will undoubtedly benefit as we share the results and learning across all our homes. There could be some amazing new dishes on the menu.”

The winner of Meals Means More was announced at the annual Meallmore Awards on 3 October 2019.

Finalists Included:
• Paul O’Brien – St Modans
• Steven Edmiston – Mearns House
• Dan McGonigle – Kincaid House
• Jake Brown – Forthland Lodge
• Brian Gollan – Ivybank House


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