DC Care celebrates a decade of successfully selling


DC Care comments on the celebrations: As we enter the 2020’s and reflect on the past ten years, we have witnessed an economically and politically turbulent climate. Despite the challenges consequently brought about DC Care has delivered a decade of successfully selling.

From the worst of the financial crash coming into 2010 to the continuing uncertainty of Brexit at the end of 2019, if there is one thing that has remained certain throughout it’s the strong interest and demand for care businesses.

A lot of care businesses acquired during the peak of the market during the early-mid 2000’s suffered the consequences of the financial crash and banks tightening up. Working however with a variety of Insolvency Practitioners and Receivers, particularly in the early 2010’s, DC Care helped to save such businesses’ futures, sourcing buyers with turnaround experience.

Whatever the future brings and with an aging population, the UK will still need care homes, if you are considering selling your care business this is definitely good news for you!


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